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11 Best Little Girl Wall Decor Ideas

A child's room is a special place to decorate because it is where imagination blossoms and creativity is born. So I thought it would be fun to bring you little girl wall decor ideas to make your decorating journey easier.

Little girl wall decor ideas

These little girl wall decor ideas will make planning and decorating our sweet girl's room even easier.

Recently, I shared how to decorate a toddler girl's bedroom. I walked you through step by step how to make the perfect room for a little girl. And before that, I shared how to make a rainbow accent wall for a girl's bedroom.

But today let's take this decorating journey even further and give you ideas for decorating the walls and a shopping guide.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.

Little Girl Wall Decor Ideas

Now here is a list of what to purchase or make to decorate the walls of your little girl's room. You do not have to shop for every item. This is simply an idea list for planning and shopping. I think you'll find some great ideas!

Also, I bring ideas for a girly bedroom design plan in a rainbow theme. But you can use any color scheme or style for your room. Simply use this as a variety of things you can use to decorate their walls.

What to Buy When Decorating The Walls In A Little Girl's Room

  • Wall art: Look for wall art that fits your color scheme and style but most of all that is fun for your little girl. If money is tight, it's a great idea to look at printables on Etsy for fun ideas.)
  • Garlands: You can buy garlands at stores or hand-crafted ones on Etsy but I love making my own. I have many tutorials on how to make garlands but my favorite is this pom pom garland DIY.
  • Clocks: I love wall clocks when it comes to decorating. There are many adorable wall clocks for little girls' rooms. I have a post on large wall clock decorating that will give you more ideas.
  • Shelves: Shelves are a great way to fill up a wall, create storage and add more decorations.
  • Wallpaper or decals: You can easily create an accent wall with wallpaper and decals. Or you can make your own. You can find large murals like this rainbow on the internet.
  • Personalized Decor (monogram or letters): Monogram wall art made from metal and wood look great in the kids' room. Also, look at Etsy for customized art for their room. We have some in our Etsy shop.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors look so pretty in the children's room. Make sure it is out of reach and secure for safety reasons.
  • Picture frames: I love using large picture frames to frame their artwork or add photos of the family.
  • Chalkboards: Here is a DIY chalkboard post where I show you how to make a chalkboard. This one would be so cute in this room.
  • Hanging basket with flowers: Another beautiful way to add decor to a child's room is a hanging basket filled with flowers.

Now that we have a few ideas to look for, let me make your life even simpler. We have pulled together a collection to make your online little girl room shopping more fun.

Best Ideas for Little Girl's Wall Decor

Shop all these precious decorations by simply tapping the image below.

Now let's talk a little about several of these decorations

Little Girl's Room Focal Point Decoration

I like to begin thinking about anchoring a bedroom with something big. It can be a large mural like I used in my niece's bedroom. It's a great addition that brightens the whole room.

Little girl bedroom decor on a budget

We painted this rainbow mural on the wall but you can purchase them too like this one from Pottery Barn Kids.

But it doesn't have to be wall art or a mural that anchors your little girl's bedroom. A bed with a canopy can be the focal point. However, if you do not have a bed with a tall headboard or canopy then a mural or large piece of wall art featuring her favorite color will help create that focal point.

Another way to create a focal point is by adding wallpaper to one wall. A fun idea is a vintage cottage little girl wallpaper. Think soft in color and delicate, possibly a floral wallpaper. This wallpaper will make a peaceful-looking accent wall. Read on for more little girl room decor ideas!

Little Girl Shelf Wall Decor Idea

Another wall décor idea is wall shelves with decorations. We did this idea in my niece's bedroom also but it can be easily designed for any child's bedroom.

Little girls room wall decor ideas with shelves

We added a shelf to the design plan for this cottage-style child's bedroom in the photo above. It's the perfect place to add decorations like her favorite books, baskets, plants, plush toys, and decorative elements and you have another idea for her walls.

Shelf with decorations in a kids bedroom

Little Girl's Room Gallery Wall

Last is a gallery wall for your little girl's bedroom. This is where you can pull together different pieces to make up one wall design. But you might be asking what is a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is a set of decorations placed together on all walls to make up a bigger design on the wall.

You can use art, clocks, baskets, monograms, or pom pom garlands like this one I hung on my niece's mirror in her rainbow bedroom. Or you could get some DIY letters at your local craft store or local dollar store. You can create the perfect combination of store bought and creative DIY. Little details like this in her favorite colors are a fantastic way to make her room special.

Pom pom garland hanging on a mirror in a kids room

I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to hang a gallery wall. This easy tutorial will help you design one for your little girl's room. And I have directions on how to make pom pom garlands too.

Printable Wall Art for Little Girl's Room

I know I said the gallery wall idea was our last idea but I just remembered one more. This one is my favorite way to get unique wall decor for any room and that is printable wall art on Etsy.

This is a little designer secret. Etsy is full of prints from digital downloads created by graphic designers to beautiful art pieces that you can download. You're sure to find the perfect choice for her bedroom walls.

My daughter, who is a graphic design major, and I have a wall art printable Etsy shop and it is full of art from kid's room to vintage prints. It's a great place you are going to love shopping here because the prints are so cheap and there are many fun designs.

It is very easy to plan printables for your little girl's room decorations. Simply download the print to your computer. Then print on a piece of paper and frame. You can use printables in different sizes or the same size.

If you want a large piece as we used in my niece's bedroom you will need to send the downloaded file to a print shop and they will print it.

Printable wall art for little girls room

Your best bet is to go use a shop like Walgreens and OfficeMax to print printables. It is so amazing! The best part is it looks like you have spent so much money when actually it is cheap.

Also, don't forget, it's a good idea to search for coupons online when you order your print. It's a simple way to save you even more money.

The most expensive part about printable wall art is the frame. We save here by shopping frames at Walmart. They have upped their game lately on decorations. I love shopping there! You can create a unique look on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have created a design plan for a little girl's room I am dying to decorate. It's so much fun! I mean seriously can you imagine how cute this room will look?

I can just picture a wallpaper accent wall with this pastel delicate pattern of flowers and stripes or a rainbow. Or a bed with a canopy over it.

One wall with two large printables from our Etsy shop of the letter art or scripture art.

A wall with shelves that fill up the wall. Filled with books towards the bottom and decorations on the top. Oh, this would be so pretty!

My other niece needs her bedroom decorated. I am thinking maybe I should make another trip and do a room makeover. What do you think?

And what about you? Do you have a little girl who is ready for a change? I would love to hear your little girl wall decor ideas.

Happy Decorating!